Visa Debit Fraud Prevention

Rockford Bank & Trust keeps your Visa® Debit Card safe from fraud with an automated call system that contacts you directly during after-business hours and the weekend. You can feel confident knowing that your account is being monitored for potential fraud...even when our staff has gone home.


We may be calling you

If our risk management system suspects fraudulent activity on your debit card during after-business hours or the weekend, you will receive an automated phone call from us to validate the legitimacy of the transactions. If this occurs during normal bank hours, a RBT employee will personally contact you-same as always. In either scenario, your participation in responding to our call is critical to prevent potential risk and avoid restrictions we may place on the use of your card.

  • Our automated call will ask you to verify recent transaction activity on your card (please note: we will never ask you for your card # or PIN).
  • You'll be able to respond via your touchtone keypad.
  • You'll also be provided a toll-free number (866-750-9107) or (800-262-2024) to call should you have additional questions.

Reasons your RBT debit card could become disabled

  • If you confirm the transactions in question are NOT legitimate.
  • If you are never reached or never respond to our automated call (which attempts to reach you at each phone number you provide RBT).
  • If the transactions in question surpass RBT's risk scoring threshold (each transaction is scored on the degree of probability that it is fraudulent).

Rockford Bank & Trust's goal is to minimize your overall loss and the impact of any fraud through quicker detection. We understand the potential inconveniences this may cause you for one evening or weekend; however, we believe that this outweighs the potential loss of your money. To ensure we can continue to reach you whenever potential fraud is detected, please keep Rockford Bank & Trust informed of your correct phone number(s) and address at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions